Hi there, I’m excited to connect, learn about you, and how we can have fun together on our entrepreneur journey. Guess you could say I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve always lived in resort communities and have learned to do whatever it takes to stay in the mountains.

This website, therefore, will be comprised of several ventures all under the umbrella of Fraser Enterprises.

I’m also somewhat of a gypsy because I love to travel and live in foreign countries. I’ve lived in Germany and also Belize. Currently, live in the mountains of beautiful Colorado. For those of you that can relate to this, being connected to nature and the outdoors feeds my soul.

I enjoy sharing the majestic beauty with other women through adventure entrepreneur retreats. Combing all of my passions and skills we could be hiking fourteeners, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing (backcountry or at ski areas), day hikes, wildflower hunting, taking photos, or whatever else depending on the season!

If you follow me on any social sites or my blog you will see posts of Colorado from the awe-inspiring mountains, high alpine lakes, or the beautiful wildflowers. I also like quotes and inspirational sayings and things that just make you laugh!